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2008 ELECTION 8-6-08 Fourth Congressional District Political Rally: 8 of 9 Candidates Participate
Wednesday, Aug 06, 2008 7:51pm

SHREVEPORT,LA (By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: 2008 ELECTION NEWS 6:30pm 8-6-08  It was a political face-off at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, for eight of the nine announced candidates for Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District race. (That's the House seat being vacated by retiring Congressman Jim McCrery.) 

Seems everyone believed Washington needs a change, however, Chester T. (Catfish) Kelly, said he was running “…because I love my country,” then quickly added, 'but I fear my government." 

Moderators, Ed Walsh and Gerry May of KTBS, introduced the candidates with a brief bio..they were then given five minutes each to outline their campaign platforms. 

The order of appearance was determined by a random draw, led by Dr. John Fleming (R); Col. Willie Banks, Jr. (D); Gerard Bowen, Jr. (Other); Jeff Thompson (R); Dr. Artis Cash (D); Chester T. Kelly (Other); Chris Gorman (R); John Milkovich (D). The ninth candidate, Paul Carmouche (D) did not participate, citing a scheduling problem.  


Dr. John Fleming began by saying he was the only Republican candidate who had served in the military. He then ticked off his beliefs: Life begins at conception; For a Line-Item Veto; For Offshore Drilling, and more.  


Next was Democrat, Col. Willie Banks, Jr. (Ret.).  Banks said he was “The Clear Choice.” He touted his support for the veterans and the military; and said when it came to the “Energy” issue he believed the answer was for Americans to “reduce consumption” (of oil). 


Gerard Bowen, Jr. who filed as “Other,” said he would be “Your Voice” in Washington.  Bowen believes in Less Taxes; Less Government Interference; and the need for Balanced Budget. He said in many cases, the Federal Government is a “Middleman” that spends money needlessly. 


Republican Jeff Thompson reminded the audience he was the only candidate formally endorsed by retiring Cong. Jim McCrery.  Thompson outlined his platform: Smaller Government is Better; A Member of a Military Family; For Offshore Drilling: “American Energy on American Soil.”


Democrat, Dr. Artis Cash said “we need a bridge in our community.”  Cash elaborated on “A Vision”: of LSU-S becoming a research institution; more support for local GM workers laid off recently; and continued money for law enforcement. 

Chester Kelly followed Dr. Cash, reminding the viewers and the audience that he is a true “Independent,” without any party agenda.  Kelly was very bold when he said “Both parties are screwing you.” If elected, Kelly promised to participate in three debates when it came time for re-election.


Chris Gorman, the third Republican in the race, said of his conservative nature: “We’ve lost sight of our core values and beliefs of family.” Gorman also said he believed “The Constitution was written in ink, not pencil,” adding that he had been compared to conservatives like Ronald Reagan and Bobby Jindal.


John Milkovich, the Democrat from Keithville, spoke this message: “Our nation is in trouble.”  Milkovich said America needs to “Cut taxes, and speak to leaders.” Specifically he said, “To look to the people in this district for leaders.” Milkovich concluded that, “Government needs to tell the truth.”

The fourth Democrat for the the Congressional District seat is Paul Carmouche. The Caddo Parish District Attorney has said he will not seek re-election. He remains the Caddo D.A. until December 31st, 2008.  According to KTBS-TV, Carmouche did not attend the rally, citing a conflict in scheduling. 

Dubbed a “Political Rally & Picnic," the 45 minute program was broadcast live on KTBS-TV’s 24-hour news channel.  President and CEO of the Coordinating and. Development Corporation, Max LeCompte, welcomed the audience at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum Auditorium for the 1pm event, on August 6th, 2008.

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