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TEEN NEWS 8-10-08 Sheriff Prator, Judges Crichton & Stamps Present "Don't Let This Be You"
Sunday, Aug 10, 2008 4:48pm

SHREVEPORT, LA (By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: COMMUNITY NEWS 7pm 8-10-08  It's a special community program developed by Caddo Judge Scott Crichton, to help illustrate the legal consequences of a teen-ager’s criminal behavior...and "Don't Let This Be You," is back by popular demand on Tuesday, August 12th. Click here to listen as Judge Crichton talks with Tom Pace. 

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator, Caddo District Judge Scott Crichton, and Caddo Assistant District Attorney Ron Stamps are hosting the special program for teens and their parents at the Caddo Correctional Center Media Room starting at 6pm, at 1101 Forum Drive, in Shreveport, La. 

The first part of the program for teens 13 and above, will be a 75 minute dynamic PowerPoint program titled “Don’t Let This Be You.” This presentation covers legal concepts and consequences of criminal behavior that all teenagers should know.  

There will be specific focus on the law regarding possession of drugs and “spin-off” crimes related to drug addiction, and the law regarding teenage sex and its legal consequences, which may include paternity and child support, and much more. 

There will also be numerous examples of local cases, now adjudicated and final, which evidence the very real and serious consequences of criminal behavior. 

The second part of the "Don't Let This Be You" program will include a tour of the housing units at Caddo Correctional Center where teens and their parents will see – and hear – from inmates.  The tour is conducted by Caddo deputies. 

To register, call Andrea Samuel at the Sheriff's Training Academy at 318-681-0735.


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