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BREAKING 8-20-08 Sci-Port Louisiana’s Science Center Named in Top 10 by Parents Magazine
Wednesday, Aug 20, 2008 1:09pm

SHREVEPORT, LA (By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: COMMUNITY NEWS 2:15pm 8-20-08  There were smiles all around, when it was announced Wednesday, that Sci-Port Discovery Center’s new name will soon be “Sci-Port: Louisiana’s Science Center.”


Ann Fumarolo, Sci-Port President and CEO, made the formal name change announcement during a noon press conference, August 20th at the downtown science center. (Click here to listen to Fumarolo’s interview with Tom Pace on “The Talk of the Town.”)

In addition to celebrating their 10th Anniversary this October, Fumarolo also announced that Parents Magazine has named Sci-Port as one of the Top 10 Science Centers in the United States, to be included in their September issue. 


When asked by Pace just how big the Parents Magazine Top 10 is to Sci-Port, she replied, “It’s a huge deal, it’s not like something you go politicking for- they find you.”


And to top off the good news, Fumarolo also said that Sci-Port will get significant exposure in the August 18th southeast subscriber edition of Time magazine, with a two page advertorial spread honoring  John Q=Petersen, his receipt of the Toyota President’s Award and support of Sci-Port as Chairman of the Board.


The new “Sci-Port: Louisiana’s Science Center” name takes effect October 1st, said Fumarolo, who added the science center’s name will still be known as Sci-Port in its shortened form.

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