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BREAKING 11am 8-21-08 "Sad Day for YWCA"- All White Board Members & Legal Counsel Resign
Thursday, Aug 21, 2008 9:27am

SHREVEPORT, LA (By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: YWCA NEWS 11am 8-21-08  The YWCA of Northwest Louisiana is facing yet another crisis: this time, apparently from within. The BIG Question is "Can the Y return to diversity?"

Calling it "A sad day for the YWCA," Debbie Martin, now, former YWCA board member and treasurer tells "The Talk of the Town with Tom Pace" that she and the four other white board members, plus, the YWCA's legal counsel, have all resigned as of Wednesday, August 20th, 2008.  

Martin told Pace. the mass resignations occurred as a result of a special called board meeting Tuesday, Auguast 19th, regarding the removal of Ms. Sims back on July 31st. (Sheva Sims was seeking to be re-instated as Board President.)

According to Martin, Sims had been removed by unanimous vote during a board meeting back on July 31st, after which Michele Mullen was then unanimously elected to fill Sims' unexpired term as Board President.

According to Martin, the main reason for the split was because the white board members all supported Marianne Beaty and her concerns about Ms. Sims' actions.

In the apparent power struggle, Aug. 19th, Martin says, the following occurred:
1) Mullen (who is white) was voted off as president this past Tuesday night.
2) Sims was re-instated as president. 
3) Verbal resignations by the white board board members began immediately after the special meeting.  

(The verbal resignations were followed up by e-mails, and by written letters on Wednesday, August 20th. Upon notification of the latest board action, local attorney Jerry Jones filed his motion to withdraw as Counsel for the YWCA, effective immediately.)

The five white YWCA board members who resigned were: Dianne Marlowe (Secretary), Kathy Brown; Shreveport Police Cpl. Mary Coburn; Michele Mullen; and Debbie Martin (Treasurer).

As it now stands, the remaining six board members are all black, including Sheva Sims as President, and Marianne Beaty, the Executive Director (hired May 19th for a one year contract, executed by Ms. Sims.)

So, if there was a suggestion of racial division at the YWCA of Northwest Louisiana, it is now apparent: all remaining board members and the president are all black.

So what's the next chapter in "As The Y Turns" ? Tune in tomorrow.

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