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BREAKING: 8-27-08 Hillary Clinton: Endorses Obama at DNC Convention- Too Little Too Late?
Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008 8:40am
DENVER CO From CNN (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE 11am 8-27-08  Was Hillary Clinton's endorsement of Barack Obama last night at the Democratic National Convention, too little too late?  Seems the Senator's speech is getting mixed reviews: some calling at a grand slam, while others saying she didn't deliver the knock-out blow.

Editor's note: From my perspective, I watched Hillary's speech, and I'm convinced she did an adequate job.  The speech, in my opinion, was what was expected from a presidential candidate who delivered 18 million voters to the party, and was dismissed from the ticket. 

There seemed to be no "fire-in-belly-go, for the gold" one-two punch.  Only a left jab at the Republicans: "No way. No how. No McCain. Barack Obama is my candidate candidate. And he must be our president," she said. (T. Pace) 

According to the CNN story, Clinton's speech received a standing ovation from the packed arena, and the reaction from iReporters watching the speech in Denver and in homes across the country was no less enthusiastic. 

"Hillary Clinton just gave the most amazing speech. It was perfect in every sense," said iReporter Caroline, who shot a video reaction to the address in her Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, home.

Caroline, 24, said the speech made her laugh and cry and left her with goose bumps. The iReporter asked to keep her last name private because her husband is in the military.

"I was inspired," she said. "I have catch phrases now that I will be using to bash any McCain supporter that comes near me in a 10-mile radius."

Brenda Clarke of Deerfield, Illinois, said Clinton did "a phenomenal job" Tuesday night.

"Hillary spoke with class, insight, eloquence and professionalism," she wrote on iReport.com. "She proved why she is in a league of her own."

"Hopefully now, the Democratic Party will move forward, unified as one," said Clarke, a former supporter of Clinton's, who said she now supports Obama.

Jacqueline Jackson, wife of the Rev. Jesse Jackson and a Clinton supporter, watched the speech at the packed convention center.

"Mrs. Clinton gave one of the most brilliant speeches tonight," she said. "I'm still excited, but we must move on." Jackson made several campaign commercials for the Clinton campaign.

Before Clinton's speech, many analysts speculated whether she would make a strong enough case for her support of Barack Obama. iReport.com: Watch a couple who have mixed feelings about Clinton's speech

Kimberly Cockrel of Detroit, Michigan, said Clinton could have done more.

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