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BREAKING 9:30am 8-29-08 It's A Woman! CNN: McCain Picks Alaska's Gov Sarah Palin as VP Mate
Friday, Aug 29, 2008 7:41am
DAYTON, OH From CNN (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE 9:30am 8-29-08  History in the making for the second time in two days. Sen. John McCain has selected Aslaska Gov, Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, according to CNN. 

This stunning revelation now moves the GOP campaign to a totally new level, with the advent of the second woman ever on a presidential party's ticket.  McCain is expected to make the formal announcement at a Dayton, Ohio rally later today.  

The McCain campaign said it's hoping to have 15,000 people at the Ohio event, roughly five times the size of his largest crowd to date.

According to the CNN story, a Republican source said McCain settled on his choice of a running mate at a meeting of his advisers Wednesday.

Thursday night's arrival of a private jet from Alaska at the Middleton, Ohio, airport raised speculation that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would be McCain's pick. Middleton is 25 miles from Dayton.

Rich Bevis, an airport manager at the Middleton airport, said that a woman, two men and two teenagers were onboard.  "This is the most secretive flight we've ever had," Bevis said.

In June, Palin told CNN that she thought McCain should choose a governor as his running mate and that she would like to serve on a national level, "but I don't think it's going to happen on this go-round though." Video Watch Palin say she won't be VP this time

In an interview with a Pennsylvania radio station that was taped Wednesday and aired Thursday, McCain said he had not settled on a nominee.

The Associated Press reported that the interview with KDKA radio had occurred Thursday, which created confusion as to whether McCain had finalized his choice for vice president.

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