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Last Modified: September 12, 2008Barnwell Garden and Arts Center

Located along the banks of the scenic Red River, the mission of the R.S. Barnwell Memorial Garden & Art Center is to advance cultural activities in the City of Shreveport. The Center was named after one of Louisiana’s oil magnates named R.S. "Cap" Barnwell and half of its original 1970 construction cost was donated by the Barnwell family. The Center is owned and operated by the City of Shreveport.  

What’s happening at the R.S. Barnwell Memorial Garden & Art Center

The main attraction at the Barnwell Garden and Art Center is a 7,850 sq. ft. plexiglass domed botanical conservatory in which palm trees, flowering shrubs, bromeliads and many other unusual tropical plants are showcased. One of the more important purposes of the Center is gardening education. Guest speakers and gardening experts are often invited to give public lectures as part of the Friends of the Barnwell Horticulture Speaker Series from September through May. Art workshops are also periodically conducted in the facility's north wing.  

At the south end of the Center is a very unusual garden created especially for visually impaired people. The Fragrance Garden contains a variety of plants that can be identified by smell and touch. The Riverside Park Waterfall is another unusual structure containing a large viewing area from which people can relax and listen to the peaceful sound of water falling while enjoying a panoramic view of the Red River and downtown Shreveport. The store at the Barnwell Garden and Art Center features unique contemporary crafts produced by Louisiana artists and it is one of only three Louisiana Craft Guild galleries in the state.  

The R.S. Barnwell Memorial Garden & Art Center is located at 601 Clyde Fant Parkway, and their contact phone number is (318) 673-7703.