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What is the reputation system?
The reputation system of SBLive! is how members like you can help to moderate the behavior of other members in the forum, thus shaping the site into a community-oriented site. To the left side of every post in the forum is a pane called the "postbit." In the postbit you will find an array of information about the member who left the post. In this FAQ, we will be focusing on Reputation Points and Reputation Power found in the postbit and how you control these figures.

Reputation points are a numeric score that represents how well members behave in the forum. New members are automatically awarded 100 rep points to start off with. Your score changes when another member leaves a reputation comment on one of your posts. It goes up when a member leaves a good comment and goes down when members leave bad comments. When your rep points fall below zero, you may be temporarily suspended from the forum. This encourages members to get along and make posts as useful and informative as possible

Leaving a reputation comment is easy! When you find a post in the forum that you want to praise or express your disapproval of, look in the postbit to the left of the post. At the bottom of the postbit is a small scale icon. Click the scale icon and the forum will prompt you for your opinion of the post and give you a small text field to tell the member what you thought of his or her post. Submitting your opinion of a member's post will adjust that member's rep points accordingly based on your reputation power.

Reputation power determines how much influence you have over other members' rep points when you leave rep comments on their posts. It is perfectly normal to have very little rep power. Rep power is calculated based on your rep points, time as a member, and post count. Active members who have been around for a while and contribute quality content to the forum naturally have much higher rep points and rep power than members who never post anything or misbehave in the forum.

Now that you understand the difference between rep points and rep power, I will mention some very important rules that tie the system together.
  • New members automatically receive 100 rep points and 0 rep power.
  • Rep power will stay at zero until members' post count are above 100 posts. Any rep comments you leave on other members while having zero rep power will have no effect on their rep points.
  • When members leave a good rep comment, the value of their rep power is given to the rep points of the member being commented on.
  • Members may view their most recent rep comments in their respective MySBLive! panels.
  • When members leave a bad rep comment, HALF of the value of their rep power is deducted from the rep points of the member being commented on.
  • Members can ONLY leave 10 rep comments per day.
  • Members cannot add reputation to the same person twice without adding reputation to at least 4 other members.
  • Members must be logged in to see the "small scale" icon in order to add to someones reputation.
  • Reputation points CAN fall into the negative numbers. Members with such a low rep level may be temporarily suspended from the forums.
We are hopeful that this system will help to encourage users to keep their posts full of useful information for everyone to share. SBLive! is a community website, and this new feature will put more control of moderation into the hands of the membership.

How do I properly use the rep system?
Simple! The only activity that members are required to perform in order to take part in the rep system is leave rep comments on other members whose posts they particularly liked or didn't like. That's it! To leave a comment on a member's reputation, just click the small scale icon in the lower left corner of their post. You will be prompted for your approval (or disapproval) of the post and what your opinion of the post was. Every member can read their most recent rep comments in their respective My SBLive! panels. The rep comment form will not require you to actually type your opinion in the comment field, but we encourage all members do so. This way, the member you are commenting on will know what you like to see and what you don't. Now here are some vital tips to keep in mind when using the rep comment form:

  • Members are encouraged to add reputation on posts they feel are inspiring, informative, entertaining, or otherwise useful to the forums content.
  • The comments you leave on a member's post should be in reference to that post and nothing else.
  • The reputation system is NOT meant for returning fire on members whom you suspect having left a bad comment on your reputation.
  • The reputation system is NOT meant for anonymously swearing or attempting to smear the dignity of other members. Use the comments to share your opinion of their post, NOT your opinion of the member!
  • The reputation system is NOT meant for degrading the reputation of people whom you simply don't agree with or share different views than your own. Use your ignore list for such people if you really can't stand looking at their posts.

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