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Santabot 04-30-2007 10:07 PM

A couple new ones
One poem from yesterday and a free verse from today



To live a life without your sight,
I believe it would be best.
No constant visual harassment
from other people or the press.
No shattered bones or broken homes,
subtract the art of war;
No necessity to work for your life,
no activity becomes a bore.
Without the racist corporate world,
what can you push yourself to do?
Just hear the truth inside your head
from living people just like you.

But if you took another step
and lost your way of hearing, too,
There would no more growing need
for the facts that media wants to skew.
You'll no longer have ideas of relevance
because you dwell in precious innocence,
Your world is neither round nor flat,
to complete your death, take your first glimpse.
Understanding what it is to be a human
has been evolved by bigoted evil lies,
Your only choice is to be bombarded
by bull**** in your ears and eyes.

With only thoughts and feeling,
taste buds with no connection,
How can you stand to live a life
derailed from government direction?
With no labor force to support her needs,
the ignorant *****, Society, will fall to her knees.
Stand up for what you believe is right,
Eschew the concepts clearly in your sight.
What becomes of you when you take your last breath?
A funeral and a new baby, to finish what you've left.



I went trout fishing in mainstream America,
A place where you can choose your appearance.
Wear anything you want, in any color, as long as it's black,
Chant your unique ideas, only to realize you're fake.
Preach against conglomerate money mongers all day,
Next morning you see you're made up of everyone you know.
Who are they do give you the beliefs you hold dear?
They're just like you, no true source to be found.

Man made God from a quick glance in the mirror,
Intolerant, racist, and selfish lords on power trips.
Justify the means, resolve your issues to find they don't exist,
Nobody sees who you are until they walk through.
Transparent liars who eat their own ****,
People make judgments where their opinion is not welcome.
Everybody's business except yours is your own,
Welcome to private America, don't lock your doors, the police state holds the key.

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