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Mudbug 08-20-2006 12:25 PM

How to join groups?
I posted this here, but got no response to it from anyone...

Can we get a step-by-step on how to join groups, use forums, etc?

And what the "My SBLive" section does, how to use the groups, subscriptions, etc.? I think the idea of the groups is a good idea, but without the ability to join, they're not too functional. Plus, the general public isn't experienced with using forums, so maybe a good explanation FAQ would be helpful.

Good luck getting this all going...

sbl_admin 08-21-2006 09:38 PM

Re: How to join groups?

The subject of "joining groups" produced a lot of discussion during development of
SBLive! It was decided months ago that it may seem awkward to make someone join once as a site member, and then have join something again like a group a second time. So it was decided that joining the site is like joining all the groups at the same time. That is to say, members may freely post in any group forum without joining each individual one.

However this board has renewed some discussion and we decided today to add a "join feature" to groups for the purpose of uploading content (podcasts, photos, etc) to the group pages. This feature may take a day or two to develop and test before putting it online. Thank you for your comments and feedback which we use to further improve our service.

The way the site works now, the person who first requests the group to be created becomes the first moderator of the group. This person may add more moderators at any time. Anyone may post to the forums, but only one of the moderators may add content to the blog, podcast, photo gallery, and video pages.

After we add the new join feature in upcoming days, members may join a group and then add content to the photo gallery, podcast, and video pages along with the moderator. However a moderator will have the ability to moderate any material within the group, whereas someone who "joins" a group may only edit and delete his or her own material. You might consider this functionality to be like a "mini-moderator" of your own material within the group.

We decided it would be best if moderators remained the sole maintainers of the group blog. Otherwise, the blog may take the form of a "discussion" and there are forums for that already. So we kept it where only moderators can edit and delete the groupís blog content, but will open up the rest (podcast, photos, videos) to members who have joined the particular group. Please let us know how this new feature may be improved over time once we add it. Thank you again for your feedback and participation in SBLive!

SBLive! Admin

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