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SFD Chief Kelvin Cochran is New Fire Chief for Atlanta GA
Mayor Glover makes official announcement Monday, Nov. 19th, 2007

By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, SBLive!

Mayor Glover called it “…bittersweet news” for the City of Shreveport, in a morning news conference at Downtown Shreveport’s Government Plaza.

“To make it official, Chief Kelvin Cochran has been selected to be the new Fire Chief for the City of Atlanta”…said Mayor Cedric Glover. The Mayor’s conference room was packed with his friends, Fire Department colleagues, City Councilmen Monty Wolford and Joe Shyne, the Mayor’s Staff, his Pastor, Dr. E. Edward Jones of Galilee Baptist Church, and retired Shreveport Fire Chief Dallas Green, who hired Kelvin Cochran when he joined the Shreveport Fire Department in 1981. Former Mayor Keith Hightower, who appointed Kelvin Cochran as Fire Chief 8 years ago, also was present, and congratulated him on his new job.

“All that I have accomplished and the quality of life that I have accomplished has come through the City of Shreveport, and the grace of God”… said Chief Cochran. He summed it up like All that I am, I owe…the debt that I owe the City of Shreveport, can never be repaid, so I will live eternally in the red.”

Chief Cochran told the news conference, his last official day on the job in Shreveport is December 31st, 2007…although he’ll be leaving on Dec. 14th .
Cochran will take the reigns as Atlanta’s new Fire Chief, January 2nd, 2008.

Mayor Glover says the appointment of an Interim-Chief will start this week, with a call for applicants, initially, from inside the Fire Department,

Cochran also announced, because of the amount of time required, he will relinquish his position as 1st Vice President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, in order to give the City of Atlanta his full attention.

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