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sbl_admin 12-11-2007 01:16 PM

Saints are still in playoff hunt with win over Atlanta
The Saints must win all remaining games for a chance to be in the playoffs

LateNight 12-11-2007 08:29 PM

To simplify the Saints' chances of making the playoffs this year.. with 3 games left...

We have three scenarios

1) Saints Win out + one Vikings loss.
2) Saints Win out + Giants lose out.
3) Saints Win out + Bucs lose out.

Needless to say, option 1 is our best chance...

Saints remaining schedule
Dec 16 Arizona@NO
Dec 23 Philidelphia@NO
Dec 30 NO@Chicago

Minnesota Vikings remaining schedule
Dec 17 Chicago@Minnesota
Dec 23 Washington@Minnesesota
Dec 30 Minnesota@Denver

Deuce is out, has been for most of the season. Reggie Bush is out for the rest of the season, Aaron Stecker #27, carried the running game last night against the Falcons.. the Saints FIRST 100yd rushing game of the year.. just hope he can repeat that feat a few more times this year. And of course Drew Brees was deadly accurate last night.


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