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Yes it's true, and also dependent on the format of your site as well.

For instance, google doesn't do php very well so a vast majority of the information on my website is simply overlooked by one of the most popular browsers out there.

You could try submitting a sitemap to Google, which won't necessarily speed up the process of getting your site listed and ranked, but it will certainly go a long in making sure google indexes the majority of your content.


For instance, I have a family tree script I host online for my family in a directory on my server named tufat ( written 100% in php.....if you do a Google search for tufat, you won't find it. Even if you do a search for BrainSmashR and tufat, you still won't find it.

However, I could submit that as a link to google via a sitemap and it WOULD index that link and start returning the link (NOT the content of the directory, just the link) when people do searches.

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