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Originally Posted by Isaac-Saxxon
I have said it before and I will say it again. "I judge no mans eternal soul" never have never will. Who I think is a socialist is my opinion like you have one about Christians so be it. I agree with Anime and mad is a state of out of control so calm yourself and debate away. I said I will not flame you anymore as long as you quit using such vile language.

Having an opinion on what makes one a Socialist is CONSIDERABLY different than calling someone a Socialist for supporting the Constitution. Just like someone calling themselves christian is considerably different than someone who actually follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. Seriously, how many christian priest are molesting children? I bet you'll say zero

In other words, you ARE entitled to your own opinions, but in this particular instance your justification is based on a lie. Americans who support the U.S. Constitution are Americans who support a Representative form of Democracy, otherwise known as a Republic, not Socialism.
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