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some info on local jams

Originally Posted by kansast
Hello there BUCK. Sounds like an interesting group you started here.
I'm not sure where in town you can find an open jam for such music around town ? Be interested to know if there was, wouldn't mind watchin' some live bluegrass though.

So what kind of music exactly is Traditional (old time) Country? We talkin' like 1950' and 60's 'country' music or something older than that ?

you wouldn't happen to have any recordings of "Civil War/Irish" type music you could share ? interested to hear what that might be like.
Howdy Kansas,
Well for starters there's the Thurs night jam at the hayride diner on Texas St, Downtown Shreveport. It's not strictly acoustic, but acoustic instruments are always welcome. (it's also for poets, storytellers, comics, etc.)
1'st and 3'rd Thurs are all acoustic jam at the Noble Savage, any style, but acoustic only. (I have not been to this one, as I have a violent allergy to cigarette smoke)
If you love Bluegrass Gospel, the 3'rd Thurs open jam at Countryside Christian Church in Buncombe (right next to Shreveport) is always fun. I've been to that one several times, albeit not recently, and found a great number of fabulous players. The music is not all Gospel, despite being held in a Church, but is 100% family friendly.
As far as Irish goes, the last Thurs of the month at the Noble Savage is an open Celtic/Irish jam. I also highly recommend the Hieland Festival held in April in Minden.
There are of course the many festivals where one can find our kind of music, Pioneer Days in Shreveport, The Meat Pie Festival in Natchitoches, etc. I'm trying to get a regular group together that loves this type of music, regardless of the style.
I'll be glad to rummage around and grab some Tradtional Irish, and Civil War era tunes to post.
Oh, and as far as old time Country goes, think the kind of music you heard in Oh brother,where art thou, that was not specifically Bluegrass. It's the old time, what used to be called Hillbilly Music, that modern Country and Bluegrass came from. It existed in it's own form up until shortly before WWII, after that time it had changed shape enough to begin to become Traditonal Country, I.E. Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzel, Ernest Tubb, etc. For a great retrospective of Traditional Country, find the archives from the Hayride, they have recordings of most of the greats from that era.

Welcome to the group!
'til next time,

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and a song in your heart!"

Buck "The Big Man"

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