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American Red Cross

Many of you may know that our local red cross organization puts on a public event every three or four months at different locations. You pay $30 and they will run 30+lab tests on your blood and mail you results to your tests within a week or two.
I participated this year for the very first time as did over 500 people on Nov 4 at Broadmoore Baptist Church. After much anticipation on my part I noticed that my results had not came in the mail as promised.
After contacting the local red cross I discovered that they had in fact "lost" my blood. I commented how funny that was since they didnt "lose" my $30 check cause it had already been processed.Despite my sense of humour regarding the matter, I was still a little concerned about the where abouts of my blood, and wondered if my lab tech carelessly dropped it on the floor, or perhaps he was planing to use it in some wierd vampire cocktail.
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