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Originally Posted by purpahurl View Post
Speaking of riding a bike. This same time period, we would be riding along and the mosquito trucks would come by. We would ride behind them untill the smell hit us and then it was all we could do to not fall off our bikes. I'm still waiting to get cancer from that. Maybe I'm not waiting anymore, who knows.

LOL -yeah. The trucks always came by our area at dusk or late at night.

And anyone remember the WWII surplus aircraft (pretty sure it was a B-25/24? I knew exactly what it was at the time but memory fades) tricked out to fly treetop level practically and spray for fire ants? I recall them flying over VERY low in South Highland area.

Google Note: found a citation that said WWII aircraft were routinely used to apply mirex bait 1962-1978 timeframe (states got matching federal $ in the program). Before that it was granular dieldrin or heptachlor. They don't sound like good things to drop on people. A lot of good it did too -those buggers are chewing my ass up all the way up here in the Carolinas today.

Originally Posted by purpahurl View Post
This thing used to rotate. I lived two blocks north of Broadmoor School and it would get really loud and then start to fade. All of a sudden kids would start coming outside and start playing after this. It signalled the end of cartoons on Saturday.

Of course - doh! reading about this model of siren learned it didn't vary in pitch so I couldn't figure why my memory had it changing - it was cause it rotated - completely overlooked that obvious point. Thanks purpahurl
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