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They had those here in NC. Used to monitor both traffic lights and speed - and give out tickets for violations for both.

I got caught once that way just missing the yellow light. So got the "ticket" in the mail with the bill and a photo of the car (with plates) with the details of the violation outlined. I couldn't even remember being on that street and thought it was my wife at first

Anyway, something happened and the cameras were shut down because of a loophole...

North Carolina Law has it that ninety percent of the fine revenue collected by automated enforcement systems must be handed over to the school system. Instead of making money as hoped, the cities using cameras would lose at least $30 for every $50 citation issued. Several cities dropped their ticketing programs as financial prospects began to look bleak.

There's a story of a fellow who got one of these photo tickets. So he took a photo of some money and mailed that in. A week or so later he got another mail that contained a photo of a pair of handcuffs. So he paid the bill. is offline   Reply With Quote