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Wow..... I mean.. where to begin? There is way to much wrong with that story....but then again... I shred at least 20 0% credit card offers per week...We wonder why the majority of the population has no understanding of the term "financial responsibility". First of all...No one in his or her right mind should ever waste the time and ink in applying for a KMart credit card..Department store credit cards are the biggest rip off since the pet rock. Every store takes Visa and Mastercard these days... there is no reason to have a department store credit card,.. if you can't get a Visa.. well...You have proven to be unreliable in the past, and having a KMart isn't going to help your situation!... "Free Money" Unfortunately, as a Mortgage Loan Officer, I can vouch that there is a large segment of our population that for whatever reason has never learned that credit cards are a loan that should be repaid...Maybe it is simply because it was instilled in me in my youth, but it would never cross my mind of acceptability to not repay my debts.. more or less ever be late on a payment....I cringe at the thought, and yet many here locally do it every month without skipping a beat...
So, you want my opinion of what's wrong with our youth today?
Stories such as this one prove that our youth are being led by the blind, because you know that a lot of these people who were fighting over the "free money" are parents themselves...
The blind leading the blind....... A scary thought indeed...
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