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Exclamation Living in the Modern World: 20 Questions Without Answers

When walking down the street, entering a house, picking up a book or even just surfing through the web using your laptop or your personal computer, there are so many things we do without even thinking of them. In this article, I have pointed some of the funniest and oddest human behaviour that even you do.

1) Why does the glue in a tube not stick to the tube itself?

2 ) Academic research has detailed reports stating that from a group of four men or women one will most certainly have a mental ailment of some kind or the other. Think about this calculation: if you have three normal friends, then you, unfortunately are the fourth one out. In other words, the fourth person with a mental illness is none other than you.

3) Why do we press down hard on the remote control even though we know that the batteries are weak.

4) Watched old (and even newer descriptions in film) about Tarzan. If he is supposed to be living in the wild, what happened to his beard?

5) How is it that no matter how tight you close the shutters of light bulbs, flies or other insects manage to get inside?

6) Why can't we ever manage to open a plastic bag on the first attempt?

7) Why do doctors use sterilized injections on death-role inmates?

8) Why do the banks charge extra if you withdraw more money than is present from your bank account? Don't they realize that there's no money in the account?

9) Why doesn't anyone ever make fun of their father-in-law?

10) If people run into a sign near a park bench saying that the paint is wet, every one will touch it to check. If this is so, why don't these same folk verify the star count of around four billion stars so stated according to various scientists?

11) Why do we return to the refrigerator and gaze in when we know that there's nothing interesting to eat inside?
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