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Post Bobby Jindal becomes Governor of Louisiana

Bobby Jindal becomes Governor of Louisiana

Swearing-In Ceremonies at Noon, on State Capitol steps in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, SBLive!
January 14th, 2008

Let the new Republican era begin in Louisiana. Starting this Monday, January 14th, 2008, Kathleen Blanco is out; Bobby Jindal is in the Governorís mansion.

Is there change blowing in the political wind? Will the Special Session of the Legislature produce Ethics Reform, as promised by Jindal? Will the Governor be able to work both sides of the aisle in Baton Rouge? Obviously, more questions, than answers.

Jindalís rhetoric promises much. The big question is: will a topsy-turvy 2008 legislature, made up of many neophytes, stand with Louisianaís new Governor, and do his bidding? Letís give him the benefit of the doubt. Voters across the state pushed buttons, electing Jindal on the first ballot. Sounds like the people have spoken. (The ones who voted, anyway.)

However, Northwest Louisiana is still waiting for some plums to fall our way. Key committee chairmanships were handed out to Central and South Louisiana legislators, as well as some in the Northeast. Our delegation from Shreveport-Bossier is like a bridesmaid at the altar. Will we catch the bouquet? Will it even be thrown in our direction? He made many promisesÖwill he able to keep them?

Thereís a whole host of issues our new Governor must face, not the least of which is completion of I-49 North. Thatís already been promised by the Louisiana Department of Transportation last month. Letís see just when, and if, the final parts come to pass.

No secret that Barksdale Air Force Base is in the running for the Headquarters of the new
Cyber Command for the Air Force. To his credit, Jindal met personally with President Bush last month, and made his pitch for Cyber Strike to be located here. Thanks also to Senators Landrieu and Vitter, along with Congressman McCrery, collectively for making a muscle, too.

That Air Force clock is tickingÖthe last I learned from General William Lord, the Provisional head of Cyber Command, is that, on, or about, the first of February, the Pentagon will select two bases for the short listÖwith the final decision coming near the end of February. According to reliable sources, Barksdale appears to have the inside track.

All-in-all, itís still Louisiana. We have an image to clean up, starting with political corruption. Maybe a new broom named Bobby Jindal, will start sweeping clean.

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