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the dancing I like, even if something just so off. As i watch it i am transfixed by the dancing. like a mouse staring in the snakes mouth. what is wrong about it all, for starters...
(and keep in mind this guy was a top notch artistalready with a string of hits - 6 #1 and 3 #2 on the R&B charts)
for starters...
  • that it seemed a good idea to someone
  • that is was deemed good (good enough to release)
  • the... sets
  • that eveything in the song had to be depicted so literally
  • that any of that was necessary at all (compare the worst 80s MTV videos)

Those birds just stepped out of their Go-Go / dance cages at the Whiskyor here. They know the classic cage moves (and little else -probably learned the moves on the job when after getting off the bus from Oklahoma the actress thing never panned out and they'd never admit it to mom and dad or that boy she left behind so to make ends meet started cage dancing cause that girl said it pays the rent and I could come by and she'd show me how to make the moves that would keep me employed and I got the job and this guy comes by one night and says do you and blondie want to make a movie... no not that kind of movie... it's just you and blondie dance while this guys sings so I say how much you paying and he said not much but it's ok we're just doing it in one take so get there on time or we'll shoot without you...)
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