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Originally Posted by joepole
I'm a DirecTV subscriber (since about 1998) but I'm about to switch to cable because DirecTV no longer makes/sells/supports Tivo boxes. They now have only their own in-house craptacular PVR boxes.
Really ? I have a Hi-Def DirecTV-Tivo unit, may have been about a year ago maybe that I got it.. Does cable use TIVO ? from what I understand Bossier Cable customer have some DVR unit, but it's not cable.

I tried doing a google search on some updated information on this, but having a hard time finding relevant information. I do see where DirecTV has started using it's own DVR services however..

Edit: man, the more I read about this, the worse it sounds. Apparently DirecTV will support the Directv-Tivo units for a few more years.. But what I'm reading about the units they are selling in place of it.. kind of blow..

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