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Originally Posted by Isabella
You are very wise for your age.
I don't believe this is a well-deserved comment from somebody who simply quoted a news article. This is not to say that Anime is not intelligent himself, but you seem to be a very open and baseless cheerleader of these forums for your friends, just over minuscule posts they make. Sorry but I had to interject.

I enjoyed the article, though, makes a lot of sense, there isn't too much money management being had by especially the youth of America, but that's not to say anybody needs lectures or courses on it, it's their own situation to seek advice and information regarding money matters, just like education or anything else, in my eyes. A fool and his money are deservingly parted, so let it happen. This is how America has been continually holding a large hose that siphons their wallets by corporations.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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