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Originally Posted by Isaac-Saxxon
Santabot I think the reason people are asking is that you seem very smart and by your writing and computer skills a very high IQ unlike other bumbles on this board. I understand why you would not want to have personal info posted here and I would hope you keep it that way. I am impressed with your poems but not with all the content. I hope you will do good in school and learn from your mistakes like all of us should do.
That's why I'm here; people seem to forget, as is human nature to become accustomed to people being "used to" something, that you have to make those mistakes to first know that they're wrong. If I never made mistakes, and only listened to people who told me what my mistakes would eventuate to, I wouldn't maybe have a little more trouble finding it out myself, but I also wouldn't really have a solid memory or reason in my head as to why not to do something, and would become stubborn and ignorant to the fact because I would only be thinking purely off of hypothetical and imaginative memory.

Not really on topic, but I've noticed recently how our entire system of.. everything.. is tied to the simple concept of honesty. If you were a small child and somebody told you the state of New York was on the Moon, who would you be the wiser? Even if everyone had personally visited every square inch of the world, AND memorized everything about it, things still change constantly over time, and we really can't do anything except calculate (numbers are imaginative, also) in our brains how certain things we think take place go about.

It's really very strange how even one lie can change an entire person's "life" into something entirely different than before, or change many over the course of history. A quote from Orville Wright: "If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance." Meaning.. we need to completely mindf*ck ourselves (sorry for terminology) and break our entire system of thinking in order to find truths.. truths which will eventually be changed and found false over time.

Very perplexing.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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