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Poems by Santabot

Criticism is open, but please don't come here if you want to argue, this is about the only topic I don't really want it in, comment on the work itself and not related to me, thank you!

F*ck off!

Lost in a vast sea of invented grave ideas,
Which is yours to decide, and tell me who am I?
Experts tell only lies, their agenda is best kept from our eyes,
Can't you tell my emotion? Or shall I remove my disguise?

If you were to make grounds, a new discovery,
Avert your gaze from those rambling, in poverty.
Surely there's no sense to their uneducated words,
While the media asserts baseless claims and the unsolved

The key to the door is under the false welcome mat,
Your dreams are next to the eight ball, hiding under the hat;
Hopping frantically away, over the border and out of sight,
As the unknown devil devours your children's minds at night.

Laws and regulations printed by obfuscating linguists,
Fresh off the mill, made by Mother Nature's ignorant rapist.
The only freedoms you've got are granted by Miranda,
Eschew the media sources, it's still propaganda.

Make your precious, uneducated vote, and make it quick,
Your time spent at work is measured only by the clock's tick.
You've got a grip of countless, worthless dollar bills,
All you need is a government tag to get your cheap thrills.

Make your choice, consider all of your options,
There's new devices of all kinds, from clocks to watches.
We've been branded the same, from top hat to bell bottom,
No matter your selection, you're still persona non grata.

Pick and choose your vices, they're a rare commodity,
Nobody has them, of course, but the divine non-profit agency.
I'll read the books that I believe suit me best,
Just, please, get off my ****ing chest.

Don't Give Them Up

Life and race run parallel ventures,
One moves forward, the other never progresses;
People may change their views, most just double-crossing,
Hiding under their bedsheets, insecurity covered in frosting.
The sugary goodness the government churns out for you,
Leaving only a task for physicians to undo.
Unbuckle your saddle, your cheap chastity belt,
Wimper as the government ****s you, or just slowly melt.
There's only one road to the top, paved in priceless gold,
The one way to traverse it, is to abandon your soul.
Don't give up your seemingly hopeless pursuits,
Take life for a free fall and die, or use your parachute.


Donít you realize the lies under the guise once prophesized?
Engrossed is the size of the eyes of these spies lurking in
the antagonizing crypt of eternal demise.
You must surmise youíve been hypnotized by the lies of these
shadowy guys,
Nigh are the times that heíll try to rise above your ability
to criticize,
Inept to combat the foes who amortize your means to monetize
yourself and bastardize their means to devitalize.
Analyze the situation before youíre crystallized in a
commercialized attempt to decriminalize the lies under the
colonized effort to centralize.
Mortify the fake prize being empathized by dogmaticized
euthanizers and exorcize these idolized fools to harmonize
our need for institutionalized guides to live by.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin

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