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Eureka 7 - Anime Review

Eureka 7 is certainly one of the more unusual animes that has made a fair to decent splash on Saturday night Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. It combines military combat with battle mech action and a little bit of pleasant youth romance.

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The series takes place centuries after our own time period on a planet different than the Earth we know. The biggest difference of this world is that the air often grows dense with waves of energy (known as trapper waves) that are solid enough one can literally surf on them. This popular sporting activity is known as "lifting."

The main characters of the series are Renton Thurston, a young boy who is handy with machines and an aspiring lifter, and Eureka (pronounced "ow-recka"), a former soldier and member of Gekkostate.

Renton Thurston
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Renton, the son of the great military general Adrock Thurston, worked with his grandfather who repaired machines of all kinds. One day, a young lady in a large battle machine (TypeZERO Nirvash) landed near his home. Her machine was in desperate need of repair and Renton was so captivated by her beauty, he offered to help her. Though she wore a military uniform, she introduced herself as Eureka, a member of Gekkostate (an anti-military organization). Renton knew all about Gekkostate and its leader, Holland Novak, whom Renton idolized as the world's greatest lifter.

Renton was also fascinated by Eureka because she apparently had the ability to communicate with machines, especially Nirvash. Other than that, her personality was very much lacking. After repairing Nirvash, Renton talked Eureka into bringing him along. Renton wanted to join Gekkostate and learn more about Eureka.

Renton was welcomed to Gekkostate hesitantly at first and Holland turned out to be downright mean to Renton throughout much of the series. Renton became so close to Eureka, a fact that disturbed Holland immensely, that Eureka became unwilling to pilot Nirvash (who could not be piloted by anyone else) into battle without Renton by her side. The two became an inseperable pair.

About half-way through the series, it is revealed that Eureka's strange abilities were due to the fact that she was not human! She was, in fact, a Coralian or creature from within the Earth. Renton discovering this information made Eureka very uneasy and she was almost ashamed to be with him. After a little time, Renton declared that he didn't care what she was and that he loved her anyway. Eureka was pleased.

By the end of the series, Renton and Eureka have already become romantically involved, the final episode displaying their first kiss as they saved the world from an apocalyptic disaster together with Nirvash.

The series has a lot of violence and bloodshed, so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone under 13 years of age. The action is decent, but the story is brilliant. The romance is casual and sweet, so it's pleasant to watch, despite Renton being so young (I have no idea how old Eureka is). There is some humor in the series that's worth a few laughs. It's a very good series that has every emotion and element that a good anime series has.
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