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Originally Posted by Texasbelle View Post
First of all let me say that ALL of the emergency rooms in the area are used by most people as a place to be seen for matters that should be taken care of in a normal physicians office. This is the biggest problem which causes people like you Pie to have to wait when what you are experiencing is potentially a true emergency. The lady with the elevated blood sugar is probably a chronic diabetic who is not taking her medicine regularly. She probably is not showing up for her regular appointments with the Internal Medicine clinic as she should and probably not taking care of herself as she should.

There is nothing LSU can do to decrease the wait time that they have not already tried. They only have so many physicians and residents to go around. Your one option you didn't try was to head outside to the parking lot, drive down the road say to Taco Bell, dial 911, and tell them you think you are having a heart attack and suffering by chest pains. When you are brought in by ambulance, you are taken straight into the ER, to the back with the doctors, and they have to do something.

Now all that being said, the thing you need to do is head early early in the morning to the Internal Medicine Clinic or Walk in whatever and being the wait to be seen. Your chest pain needs to be addressed. Many women suffer silently from heart disease meaning that you could have a heart attack and not know it, etc .
When I was there a nurse told us that all the beds were taken up in the ER by people waiting to be admitted upstairs and that they only had two beds they were working out of. They were being taken by people coming in helicopters and by ambulance. They need a place were they can hold people without tying the ER up. I had went to go to fast trac, which is like a walk in clinic. But when you register the nurse decides if you go there or the ER. I have been to other ER's before and the wait time is never that bad.
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