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Post A Tale of Two "Buddies"

A Tale of Two "Buddies": Shaw wins District 37, Caldwell wins A.G.

By: Tom Pace, SBLive! Executive Editor

In politics – seems the only word you can us is: change.
Out with the old, in with the new. So it was over the weekend.

B.L. "Buddy" Shaw defeats "Billy Wayne" Montgomery 57%-43%.
Billy Wayne carried Bossier, Buddy Shaw carried Caddo…and, therein lies
the "tale".

Did Billy Wayne’s switching of parties factor in in his loss…or was his support
of the maligned "Stelly Plan?" What about his voting for term limits, and then running for the Senate, after his term was up. Or, maybe, the voters just wanted a new face and voice in Baton Rouge.

The math was simple: more voters in Caddo, than Bossier. And Shaw’s grass-roots campaign seemed to work.

I’m not Kreskin. Don’t know what entered the voters’ heads. Only: Shaw won.
We’ll see what he does come January 2008.

Then there was the Louisiana Attorney General’s Race. How contentious can you get in politics?! This was pretty cut-and-dried. Foti didn’t make the run-off.
Apparently he upset the apple cart with some major decisions, i.e., taking the doctor and nurses before a grand jury, charging them with murder, in the Katrina
probe for wrongful deaths in the New Orleans Hospital.
(They were later found "Not Guilty", by a No-True Bill from the Grand Jury.)

So there’s a run-off for A.G. A veteran D.A. "Buddy" Caldwell seems high on the
Voters’ Wish List. A newcomer, local attorney Royal Alexander takes on the
Goliath, Caldwell. Again: Politics+Experience+Numbers= Victory for Caldwell.

Caldwell received endorsements from all the State’s D.A.’s, and much of Law Enforcement. He’s a proven commodity, his conviction rate is high, and seems that what the Voters’ wanted. I predicted his win 65%-35%..

Caldwell won 67%-33%. Says he’s going to “clean house” in the A.G.’s office when he takes over, after some R & R. Will the “New Broom Sweep Clean?”
Or, will Louisiana politics, stay the same. Time will tell.

Therein lies the "Tale of Two Buddies." Oxymoronic, to say the least.

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