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What's in your Netflix Queue?

What is/was in my Netflix queue. Thought others can add theirs to swap movie ideas...

(a cut and paste from the queue and history list into Excel - not sure if there is a better way?)

----at home----
The illusionist

---in queue ---
Shoot 'Em Up
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Green for Danger
Shrek the Third
Elvis: '68 Comeback Special: Disc 2
The Young Ones: Disc 3
Bunny Lake Is Missing
A Night at the Opera
Seven Men from Now
Bad Day at Black Rock
The Magnificent Seven
Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
The Usual Suspects
Harold Lloyd Collection: Vol. 1: Disc 1
The Sting
Rescue Dawn

---------viewed (in last year)-------
Spirited Away
Kung Fu Hustle
The Bourne Ultimatum
Hot Fuzz
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
American Graffiti: Collector's Edition
28 Weeks Later
Bridge to Terabithia
28 Days Later
Mad Max
The Road Warrior
The Office: Season 2: Disc 2 (4-Disc Series)
Creature Comforts: Season 1
Uptown Girls
The Office: Season 2: Disc 4 (4-Disc Series)
The Queen
Band of Brothers: Disc 5 (6-Disc Series)
The Good Shepherd
Pan's Labyrinth
The 40-Year-Old Virgin
The Who: Live at the Isle of Wight Festival: 1970
Children of Men
An Inconvenient Truth
The Great Santini
Casino Royale
The Circus
The Big White
Valley of the Dolls
The Prestige
Sin City
Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far
Sir! No Sir!
Band of Brothers: Disc 4 (6-Disc Series)
Extras: Season 1: Disc 1 (2-Disc Series)
The Devil Wears Prada
Band of Brothers: Disc 3 (6-Disc Series)
Battlestar Galactica: Season 1: Disc 1: The Miniseries (5-Disc Series)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
The Notebook
Monty Python's Flying Circus: Vol. 1 (14-Disc Series)
October Sky
Donnie Darko: Director's Cut
The Third Man
The Family Stone
The Grudge
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