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Last Modified: September 12, 2008Job Placement

Shreveportís universities, colleges and technical schools all have programs to assist their graduating medical students with finding jobs within their particular fields. Because the demand for trained medical workers is so high, there are also many job recruiters and headhunters located in the Shreveport-Bossier City Metropolitan Area who specialize in placing applicants in high paying jobs for a fee paid by the employer.


Louisiana provides great incentives for medical workers to relocate here


The State of Louisiana offers many programs that are intended to attract trained medical workers by providing incentives such as relocation expenses up to $20,000, sign-on bonuses up to $40,000, income guarantees up to $110,000 and loan repayments of up to $110,000. Average annual salaries in 2006 for medical professionals in Shreveport-Bossier City were:

        $36,886 - $39,997 for Licensed Practical and Vocational nurses

        $47,362 - $59,954 for Radiology Technicians

        $53,027 - $62,633 for Staff RNís

        $79,644 - $86,857 for Head Nurses

        $62,425 - $91,104 for Emergency Room Nurses

        $75,095 - $85,145 for Clinical Nurses

        $63,545 - $97,096 for Intensive Care Nurses

        $64,986 - $94,584 for Operating Room Nurses

        $76,748 - $90,211for Nurse Practitioners

        $40,678 - $106,826 for Laboratory Technicians

        $93,991 - $104,174 for Pharmacists