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The State of Louisiana is committed to providing a quality public school system that is available to all residents, and one of the goals is to assure that all children are given as many opportunities as possible to develop to their fullest potential. Another goal is to maintain the ratio of teachers to students as low as possible so that students are able to receive personal attention from their teachers. Many educators believe the teacher to student ratio is a key factor in achieving a high quality education. In Louisiana, the maximum allowed ratio of students per teacher is 26 students per teacher for kindergarten through 3rd grade, and 33 students per teacher for 4th grade through 12th grade.  

Public schools in Shreveport-Bossier City have low teacher/student ratios

The Bossier School District contains 34 public schools attended by approximately 19,300 students. According to the Louisiana State Department of Education, 51% of the classes in the Bossier School District have 20 students or less per teacher and 34.3% of the classes have 21-26 students per teacher. The Caddo Parish School District contains 74 public schools attended by approximately 43,000 students. In the Caddo Parish School District, 59% of the classes have 20 students or less per teacher, and 27.9% of the classes have 21-26 students per teacher. Many families with children are moving from metropolitan areas that have crowed schools to Shreveport-Bossier City because the public schools here are much less crowded.