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Last Modified: September 30, 2008Shreveport Sports

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Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse and soccer are all popular sports with young people and adults in Shreveport-Bossier City. Sports fans love to attend Texas League AA baseball games, college football games, WPHL hockey games, professional Canadian football and Continental basketball games, and any other type of sports game played for fun. Swimming, bicycling, walking, hiking and jogging are all popular forms of aerobic exercise in the many beautiful parks located throughout the Shreveport-Bossier City Metropolitan Area. Opportunities to enjoy canoeing, kayaking, power boating and waterskiing are also available at nearby Cross Lake and Lake Bistineau. Even auto racing enthusiasts can find their favorite sport at Red River Raceway and Boothill Speedway.  

The region surrounding Shreveport is called the Sportsmanís Paradise

Northern Louisianaís thick forests are abundant with wildlife and its rivers, bayous, streams and lakes are teeming with so many different kinds of fish that itís no wonder people call this area the Sportsmanís Paradise. Fishing tournaments are held throughout the year for anglers who enjoy fishing as a competitive sport. Bass, catfish and perch can be caught every day on the Red River and at Cross Lake where bluegill and red ear sunfish also abound. Caddo Lake is known for being a great place to catch largemouth bass between 6 and 11 lbs. in size and Lake Bistineau is listed as being one of the 5 best places in Louisiana for catching crappie as well as bullheads, channel and flathead catfish. Hunters flock to Shreveport during duck hunting season and especially to the Kisatchie Forest and Loggy Bayou Wildlife Management Area during deer hunting season. Hunting for wild turkeys, geese and quail is also popular throughout the region.  

Tennis, anyone?
  The Shreveport Public Assembly and Recreation Department (SPAR) provides excellent tennis facilities for the enjoyment of the tennis loving public including the Bill Cockrell Tennis Center featuring 10 hard surfaced courts and a pro shop with a certified professional who gives individual tennis lessons; Querbes Tennis Center, which has 6 clay courts, 5 hard courts, 2 racquetball courts, and a backboard complex with two mini-courts; and Southern Hills Tennis Center with 10 fully lighted hard courts and a pro shop.