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Last Modified: September 12, 2008Private Institutions

Although the State of Louisiana has implemented many innovative programs to assure that all residents have access to quality education for their children and the public schools in Shreveport-Bossier City are notable for having relatively good teacher to student ratios, some people also like to have the option of sending their children to a private school of their choice. According to the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, there are more than 21 private schools located in the Shreveport-Bossier City Metropolitan Area that are accredited by the State of Louisiana. Many of Shreveportís private schools are renowned for their studentís academic achievements and also for offering special programs not necessarily found elsewhere.  

Private schools in Shreveport offer many different kinds of special programs

Shreveport has 2 private schools that operate from pre-kindergarten through kindergarten, 9 private schools that operate from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade and 2 private schools that operate from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.  In addition, Shreveport also has several schools that provide unique learning opportunities for students with disabilities such as the Alexander Learning Center, the Hamilton Terrace Learning Center and the Oak Terrace/J.B. Harville Alternative School. The Caddo Exceptional School, the Hosston Alternative School and Rutherford House also offer learning programs for special students, and the Christian Home and Academy for Girls provides a residential living program for troubled teenage girls who need help recovering from addictions and various types of dysfunctional behavior.