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Last Modified: September 12, 2008Trucking

According to the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, there are 70 different commercial freight trucking companies with 50 terminal buildings located in Shreveport. Completion of Interstate 49 leading from Kansas City through Shreveport to New Orleans and completion of Interstate 69 (the NAFTA Highway), which will connect Canada and Mexico through Shreveport-Bossier City, is expected to make Shreveport one of only a few locations in the United States where 3 major U.S. Interstate Highways intersect. With the price of gasoline rising steadily, more and more trucking companies will be taking advantage of Shreveportís strategic central location on Americaís Interstate Highway system.  

Shreveport is a great place for trucker drivers to find work

  According to the U.S. Department of Laborís Bureau of Labor Statistics, transportation and material moving occupations in Shreveport provide approximately 12,660 jobs for truck drivers. This includes 1,730 jobs for drivers of heavy trucks and tractor-trailers, 2,060 jobs for drivers of light trucks and delivery vehicles, and 800 jobs for operators of industrial trucks and tractors. Pay rates average between $13.91 per hour and $15.10 per hour for heavy truck drivers, between $11.21 per hour and $11.58 per hour for industrial truck and tractor operators, and between $9.44 per hour and $10.96 per hour for light truck drivers. Utilizing any one of a number of websites that advertises available jobs for truck drivers in Shreveport-Bossier City turns up an impressive number of new jobs being posted each week.